Video Game Paraphernalia

Below you will find a short(ish) list of sources that I gather information from. Whether it’s useful stores to purchase video games from, to other fellow bloggers that seem to keep a similar beat to my writing.

Disclaimer: I do not endorse these others, they do not pay me (yet). Also, when I say Video Games, I group a large amount of subjects (Console, PC, heck even Board). I would just say Games; however, some might think I’m speaking of sports… and well, if you knew me, you know that’s not the case.


  • ThinkGeek – Excellent store to purchase a variety of nerd paraphernalia; from Unicorn Heels to Minecraft Cookie Cutters.
  • Newegg – My primary goto for PC components, and PC builds. Great reviews for most projects. Also, keep an eye on shipping costs/free bundles.
  • Tiger Direct – This is more of a formal PC supply chain. I heard rumors they bought out Circuit City, which makes me smile.
  • Xoxide – During my amateur PC building days, Xoxide would be the spot to purchase any/all neon/cold-cathode lighting kits for those “SWEET” windowed PC kits.


  • Kotaku – This is one of my favorite blogging/news outlets. There’s a lot of hate for this team. However, they are a diverse group that seems to cover a large amount of stories relating to video game entertainment.
  • Gizmodo – Similar to Kotaku, Gizmodo focuses on technology and gizmos, always an interesting read here and there.

Other Useful/Nerdy Things:

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