Candid Reviews is authored by myself, “Zach”. I am a full-time college student pursuing a degree in Advertising and happen to LOVE video gaming. I use the term video gaming loosely, by it I mean:

  • PC Games
  • Console Games
  • Arcade Systems
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Handheld Gaming
  • Etc. (Maybe even Board Games, from time to time)

This site is dedicated to provide a creative outlet where I can voice my opinions of games that the general consensus loves. This does not mean I am going to bash every game, most I will find positives. In fact I’m going to try to find some of my favorite games and share them with you.

Another thing, there is no particular order (see my disclaimer for more information). There might be a day where I want to play Roller Coaster Tycoon for Windows 95, and the next I might want to play the newest greatest thing for the PS4. I don’t get paid for these reviews, I am simply talking. I will mostly be blunt throughout the entire process, I might offend some, and I don’t apologize for providing critique. This is not a leak type of website, if you want that I can provide some “great” sources, but this will be honest, candid, blunt reviews.

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