(X1) Sunset Overdrive: Where it’s appropriate for men to wear short-shorts and Hawaiian shirts

So I Picked Up an Xbox One (S)

Essentially I just picked up the Xbox One S because I wanted something to show off my 4K TV with. Sure I had Netflix with House of Cards in 4K (by the way, the intro looks amazing, Kevin Spacey’s face… not so much), but I wanted something to show game-wise, thus enter Microsoft.

Now I’m not really a fanboy of any game system. In fact I don’t care for any of them. I feel that game developers are slacking. I LOVE Call of Duty, you know what I don’t love? Buying a Season Pass and having a new game released before the Season is over, and the game lobbies dropping drastically in numbers (don’t get me started on Battlefield Hardline).

Regardless, consoles don’t offer me much anymore. My PC offers a greater selection of games, for cheaper price; and who doesn’t like a keyboard and mouse more, I mean honestly? Anyways, I loved Halo for the Xbox, so I figured I could at least pick up the Master Chief Collection and knock out some nostalgia, and of course I picked up a couple games here and there. However, after that I was drawing a blank at what else I would really enjoy playing.

Fortunately shortly after I began my web-browsing/review finding adventure, I stumbled across Sunset Overdrive.

What is Sunset Overdrive?

Glad you asked. Take The Offspring (godsend of a band), combine that with JSRF, Crazy Taxi, Saints Row, and throw in a little additional quirkiness; that’s Sunset Overdrive. My goodness does it work well. The controls are fluid, the gameplay is quick, the comedy is relatable; and there’s a decent amount of customization. Overall, Sunset Overdrive astounded me, it was different than most games that were out and it reminded me of a game that would have been released on the Sega Dreamcast, and have only interested the truest of gamers.

You play in a world where an evil energy drink manufacturer is poisoning people and turning them into mutants (totally realistic right?).

There’s not much I didn’t care about in SO; I think the only thing I got upset with was the fact that I got into the game so late in the game. Within the game there are billboards/videos that showcase challenges/announcements that are happening now; however, since I got into the game late, they have long elapsed. It’s similar to jumping into an older racing game such as Need for Speed, and looking at movies/advertisements that have long moved on. It felt dated, abandoned, and empty. On the plus side, it has a zombie apocalypse vibe, which the dead air news announcements is appropriate.


I am a huge fan of any game that allows for customization, and actually changes the looks of my character/ride/etc. Fortunately, Sunset Overdrive does that, and does it well. I can change to new outfits, buy new gear, and learn new abilities that all look/act/feel different. It has a similar feeling as Capcom’s Dead Rising, even with the silliness with outfit choices. I think customization with the bright colors, and interesting patterns is what drew me to this game. It’s a beautiful game, the colors are vibrant similar to Splatoon, and the music choices are spot on. See below for an audio clip.

Overall, I highly recommend this game. It has great replay-ability. However, I think I would wait until it might get released to the PC, as a strong mouse/keyboard combo would do wonders for this game, and with Microsoft’s decent porting, it’ll be a hit. Plus, with a port to the PC, it’s likely the developers will bring back announcements and billboards (fingers crossed).

UPDATE: This blog was saved as a draft for quite some time, since then I have sold my Xbox One S, and pretty much devoted all of my time and attention to the Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro, and PC. I will admit, I heard rumors of Sunset Overdrive being released to the Microsoft Games Collection, and if that is the case, I will buy it in a heartbeat. I have thought about purchasing another Xbox One for this game alone. It is that good.

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