Paramore & Foster The People Concert Recap

Haley Williams is awesome.

Can’t lie, I was never a huge Paramore fan. When I saw the concert was coming to town, I bought tickets because they were pretty cheap, and I knew my fiance loved the band. That might not seem like enough reasoning; however, if you knew my fiance, it’s rare that she says she loves a band. Usually she’s just tagging along with me, and putting up with my random music tastes, and concerts.

The concert was held at DTE Energy Music Theater in Clarkston, Michigan which we had been to a few times in the past, more recently to the Dave Matthews concert which incredibly upset me… Seriously… we spent hundreds of dollars for those tickets and no “Crash Into Me” or “Satellite”. I’m glad you’re making new albums but if you only play Ants Marching from your classics, I’m going to be pissed. Period.

Pumped Up Kicks

Another reason I really wanted to go to this concert was because Foster the People were opening for Paramore. You might know them from their 2011 (yeah seven years old now) hit, Pumped Up Kicks. I however knew them from the YouTube videos of them performing Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So, and then Weezer performing Pumped Up Kicks. Both of them linked, and I highly recommend both.

Foster the People were great. I knew about three of their played nine songs, and I was absolutely okay with that. Those are good ratios for me. Next up Paramore.

Unique Crowd

I could not describe the crowd of the concert. There were older individuals such as myself, who clearly listened to Paramore pre-Twilight soundtrack, as well as children who were probably 12 years old and have caught on to Hayley’s newer stuff (still good). Plus there were those who were MUCH older, that still acted like the high schoolers. It was a unique crowd of hipsters, punks, adults, parents, grandparents, and any other random stereotype you can think of. We sat on the hill next to two 25+ individuals who were in the military on leave. Both gentlemen still sporting the Army haircuts, and they were rocking out more than some of the 13 year old girls were. Once again, no problem with it, just a culture shock. Then you realize why.

As stated, Hayley Williams is awesome.

And beautiful, energetic, smart, and puts on a great show. You can tell she cares about her audience, and I think that’s why she has held onto the massive crowds. Most bands you see waves of audiences. As the music changes, the audience changes, if the music stays relatively the same, then the audience does as well. Paramore’s music jumps all over the place, as does their audiences, but none of them leave. They come to the same concerts they came to when Paramore was hosting Warped Tour. It’s a cool experience.

The Encores

Paramore did not disappoint her audiences. She played everything, new, old, and specialty songs like Drake’s Passionfruit. Once again, it went all over the place. In the end, I would highly recommend Paramore, it was a better concert than the 10x more expensive Dave Matthews Band concert, which I have been a fan of since the 90’s.


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