Call of Duty WWII – 500 Word PS4 Review

We’re Back…

Last week I had picked up Call of Duty WWII for the PS4, reluctantly. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Call of Duty (COD) games in the past. I’ve also been a fan of Battlefield games. If I want a more strategic/tactical game, then I’ll likely load up Battlefield Hardline or Bad Company 2; however, if I am looking to kill 30 minutes, and play a few rounds, then there are few games that can match the ease of finding a game, than a new Call of Duty.

Thus the Problem

There is always a NEW Call of Duty. Once a new one comes out, the audiences die out, or spread out, and choose not to migrate to the new game. There are so many COD games out there, that the audiences are spreading too thin; or, they are losing gamers because of these AWFUL DLC packs.

I’m not against DLC, I understand it keeps a game relevant, and fresh. However, if you sell me a $50 Season Pass, and  by the time the last DLC is released, a new Call of Duty had just released, then I’m going to be pissed. This happens everytime I play Call of Duty. When I had purchased Black Ops 3, Ghosts had been released around the time of the fourth DLC pack. Therefore Black Ops 3 had died out, and users moved onto Ghosts (their loss, in my opinion).

Please Be Different

I am really hoping COD WWII will be different this time. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It without a doubt steals little tidbits from all popular FPS games out there. It has a Destiny feeling in the Headquarters, the Play of the Game/Kill Cam from Overwatch, and the Zombie mode resembles a match of Killing Floor 2. I’m okay with this; I understand the need to evolve as a game, and it would make sense to steal ideas from successful franchises; it works.

I would dare say this is one of my favorite Call of Duty games; and I loved Call of Duty 2 and the original. However, this is a well done game. I avoided Day-One issues, by purchasing it on Day-30. Why? Because Activision, Call of Duty, etc. always has issues on Day One. Their servers never work properly for all gamers, and most of the time you’re stuck on single-player campaign. Fortunately (unlike Battlefield lately), COD usually has an okay single-player campaign. Revisiting WWII is never a bad thing, in game-form of course.

Facts About the Game

Call of Duty does an alright job with the controversial Loot Boxes. They’re pretty much cosmetic only items, and they give you plenty of opportunities to earn credits through contracts that you pick up at the Headquarters. I would say there is more customization involved in this Call of Duty; however, it is customization options such as full outfits, pistol handles, hats, etc. Normal Call of Duty stuff.

If you played any COD, then you’ve played COD WWII, the controls are the same. There are limited gun options, because they attempt to base it around that era. Obviously they stretched some boundaries of realism; but it would be hard not to. Considering their last game gave users jet packs and space battles.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a simple FPS that you can play online, and offline, then I would give COD WW2 a chance. However, buy it on sale, and don’t purchase the Season Pass; unless you want to play alone, forever… like me.


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