Nidhogg 2 (and 1?) – 500 Word PS4 Review

I came across Nidhogg 2 through a video game preview months ago. I’m not quite sure where, but I remember that it reminded me of those G4 video game previews. Remember that channel? A TV channel dedicated to video games; Attack of the Show, X-Play, etc. Good times, Olivia Munn, good times. Anyways, I had never played the first Nidhogg, but I loved the clay animations of Nidhogg 2; it reminded me of Clay Fighters on the SNES, also good times.

If Gumby and Pokey had swords, and an inordinate amount of blood.

After watching Nidhogg 2’s promo, I ended up purchasing the first Nidhogg that evening for the PS4, so my fiance and I could play. Let it be known that my fiance is not a gamer, nor is she one to play video games as much as she used to, ahh the dating years. She especially does not care for games where it places her and I against each other. Needless to say, I have no issue with confidence when I win a game. Regardless, we loved Nidhogg. It was an easy to pick up game, and it was one of those games where there was little-to-no strategy, and mostly screaming, laughing, and almost throwing PS4 controllers at the television (almost).

It was safe to say that once Nidhogg 2 was released, we bought it instantly. The gameplay was nearly identical to the first Nidhogg. There are two players (which you can now customize) on a platformer designed level, and you essentially have to get to the other side of the map. There are weapons (Nidhogg just had swords, while Nidhogg 2 has swords, daggers, and bows), and nifty animations in the background (similar to Mortal Kombat, Clay Fighters, etc.). The game uses very few buttons, and is more of a mad dash to the finish line.

Children People playing Nidhogg 2 = Upset Neighbors

So we live in an apartment. It’s a nicer apartment, that is fairly soundproof (which is rare for anyone that has lived in an apartment). Well, my family came and visited not too long ago, and there are plenty of nieces and nephews who are about even on my geek/nerd level. Needless to say, I was on entertaining duty. Fortunately we have similar interests. So being the responsible uncle that I am, I threw on the PS4, and turned on Nidhogg 2. I’m sure my downstairs neighbors instantly regretted that decision of mine. Within minutes the children were yelling, jumping, and laughing (aka being kids).

Shortly after the family had left, the future misses and I decided to boot up Nidhogg 2, thinking it would be a good stress reliever, we were wrong. Round 2 for our neighbors. We quickly realized, that Nidhogg is a GREAT game, but it is a terrible apartment game, especially if you are the type of gamer who jumps around, is active, leans side-to-side when racing, etc. This review is more of an apology. I’m sorry neighbors, Nidhogg and Nidhogg 2 isn’t to blame, it’s us.

Quick Review:

Game Title: Nidhogg and Nidhogg 2
Skill Requirements: Basic/Limited
Number of Players that Played: 2
Gaming System: PS4 – Digital
Times Loved Ones Were Digitally Stabbed/Thrown/Fallen: Many
Number of Angry Neighbors: Countless

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