Welcoming Myself Back

It has been awhile since I have been on here. I would not say that I have been busy, just neglectful. In fact, it has been so long, that GoDaddy and WordPress both informed me that my domain and blog were expiring. Well, considering that I am a digital marketing professional, who writes and edits blogs professionally, I thought I probably should renew.

I’m Back!

2017 has been an interesting year for me. Professionally I have advanced quite a bit, I have been able to expand my digital marketing horizons to include a mass variety of new technologies/services. Anyone who knows me, knows that I “geek” out over new marketing systems, and their updates. Whether it is InfusionSoft introducing Landing Page creation (about time IS), or fun features found in digital mail systems such as ConstantContact or MailChimp. Regardless, it has been fun.

And Learning

Beyond professionally, 2017 has also been an educational/knowledge-full year. Whether it is the continuation of my Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, to additional training/tutorials provided from sites such as HubSpot (need another interesting blog to read? Highly suggest HubSpot’s Blog).

But I Digress

One thing I did not learn, was to write a schedule for my personal blog posts, as you can probably tell. Originally Candid Reviews was created to share my thoughts/concerns with video games, and removing as much of the bias/experience as I could from the video/PC game reviewing process. I am by no means a professional personal blogger; sites like Kotaku and Gizmodo have been doing it far more than I could ever imagine. Plus, they get cool insider games, swag, etc., things a non-professional personal blogger could only hope to obtain.

No, Candid Reviews is turning over a new leaf. It will have gaming, it will have personal experiences, it certainly will discuss digital marketing, music, television, movies, etc. If it is on the internet, and I have some knowledge about it, then I will write about it. I will be crass, blunt, frank, etc., after all, it is CANDID Reviews.

Candid: truthful and straightforward; frank.

GTP Zach

In 2017 I have played a decent amount of games; however, very few are actually new releases. Some are, but with a backlog of nearly 800 Steam games, I felt it was better that I started utilizing those that I have gotten from endless Humble Bundles.

Some of the top-played games in 2017 from my PC collection are the following (expect some reviews coming up in following weeks, I promise this time):

  • Ice Lakes – PC – Steam
    • Essentially this is an ice fishing game, that is easy to learn, hard to master, yet relaxing enough where you don’t mind coming in last place. Being from Michigan, I would highly suggest this to anyone who has ever gone ice fishing, or interested in doing it (without having to smell fishy).
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – PC – Steam
    • I HATED Civilization games in the past. I am an avid proponent for simplicity in my building games (Age of Empires III, Starcraft II, etc. were my go to games). However, apparently similar to my taste buds (I like broccoli now, weird), I have grown to enjoy Civilization. Unlike the mass crowds that seem to hate number VI in the series, I loved it. I’m not a fanboy of the Civ series, so I can find the positives in the game. I enjoy the graphics, the themes, the music (that intro video, ugh so good), and the gameplay. Now, I am not good at it, not at all. I would die online. I don’t have tactics, I’m not good at planning, and my entire goal is to take over the entire map, doesn’t matter if my cities are placed strategically; just like Tears for Fears, everybody wants to rule the world.
  • Minecraft – PC
    • Always been a big fan of Minecraft. Probably not attend MineCon fan worthy, but enough to setup my own Minecraft server on my QNAP server. I’ve noticed Minecraft relaxes me, whether it’s goofing around in Creative Mode, or surviving the night in Survival. The sheer magnitude of what the creators were able to do with randomly generated worlds, is miraculous. I love just exploring the map, seeing how it was placed together block by block. Plus it’s a GREAT time-passer when you’re waiting for your college lectures to be completed (woops).

Other than the PC, I have been playing my PS4 quite often; as it is easier for me to connect with friends across the country who might not have as reliable PCs, or internet connections. Top three games played in 2017 are:

  • Overwatch – PS4
    • Once again, I’m not great. But, Overwatch is a simple FPS. It’s challenging to master (I’ll never be eSports worthy, I’ve accepted that), but it is simple enough to jump into a game relatively quickly, and just have fun. I’ve always loved Blizzard, and I felt they delivered a strong game, with a strong following.
  • Battlefield Hardline – PS4
    • Here is why I like Battlefield Hardline. Beyond my initial review from December 2015, BFH has done a great job at keeping their audience alive. I can login to a PS4 BFH server in a few minutes and be filled with 30+ users ready to play. Whether it is car jacking, or standard team deathmatch game modes, I can always find players. Which is impressive for a FPS from March 2015, that has had successful releases afterwards (Battlefield 1). Overall, I enjoy BFH, the music is fun (Woop Woop), and the community isn’t that bad, which is unique considering most online FPS games are awful.
  • Fortnite – PS4
    • I liked PUBG, I think it was a fun game and it is still installed on my PC. However, it works like crap on my friend’s PCs, therefore it does me no good. Fortnite though, works excellent on my PS4, and it’s free (except I paid for the addons). Fortnite is an enjoyable game that combines PUBG, Borderlands, Minecraft (just building), and a few other games into one package. It is unique enough to keep it interesting, yet grind’y enough to make it addicting. I’ve enjoyed what I have played so far, and I look forward to additional content.

So these are a handful of the games that I played in 2017. You can expect some reviews, some gameplay videos. I might introduce podcasts/steaming; however, I’m not sure how much of that I will do; as I’m not great at any game. The only reason I can see people watching me on Twitch, is hearing my deep voice, that’s probably it. But, we’ll give it a try.

Quick recap of 2017:

  • Got engaged in Jamaica; she said yes (Red Stripe might have helped my case).
  • Almost completed my Master’s degree.
  • Left Detroit for Ann Arbor, MI (still visit the former).
  • Fixed up a Pachinko machine.
  • Bought some sweet vinyls: a-Ha, Dirty Heads, and The Offspring (who I saw live this year).
  • Realized a 2010 Camaro, is not the most practical for winter driving (but it’s fun).

Onward to 2018 everybody, I’ll be back shortly!

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