(PC) Stardew Valley: The Review That Everyone Else Has Done

I Am Frothy

To begin, I am late. I am aware that I am latte. Woops, not latte. I’m certainly not a sweet delectable coffee drink from Starbucks… though I sometimes wish I was. No, I am late. But, I am here now, with a glorious, somewhat un-gamey review. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


When I first heard about Stardew Valley, I can honestly say I had not been following it. In fact, I didn’t buy it/hear about it until I saw it on Steam. I heard bits and pieces about it from PC Gamer and other sources, but I wasn’t on the bandwagon. The game install was pleasantly short, I kind of figured it would be, due to the graphics. So +1 for people with slow internet and want a new game (I’m not one of those, but I know a few). Stardew as a name reminds me of a hybrid of a starfruit and a honeydew, which sounds delicious either way you place them together. But apart from the name, the game is FANTASTIC!

I recently read a review of a gamer who didn’t play Stardew because he knew it would be overwhelming, too many things to complete, and having to create actual lists in real life to remind yourself of all of the daily tasks within the game. I get that, I’ve done that, and I will probably continue to do that. We all know what I think of the name Stardew Valley, but as a game, it’s a hybrid of Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Zelda, Pokemon and I guess people say Rune… something, but I’ve never played that one. Needless to say, it’s good.

My Eyes Are In Love

Now for the nitty-gritty. The graphics are well done. Although they are simple, you can tell the designer spent a lot of time designing each and every asset carefully. Every season resembles an actual season and the landscapes are beautifully well done. Overall it’s a joy to watch nature take it’s place. The game itself runs well and doesn’t have much for specs, so that’s definitely a perk. Honestly, the graphics aren’t what caught me though.

Music To My Ears

Stardew is around $15 on Steam right now, which is a steal! You’ll have days of entertainment ahead of you. However, if you can’t afford $15, or you aren’t sure about that investment; then pick up the soundtrack for $5. It has 70 tracks with over 2  hours of handcrafted music which resembles a tropical Mario Kart race, Mario Party gameplay and I would say classic RPGs (Star Ocean, Final Fantasy, etc.). It ties every aspect of this game together, you can honestly get lost in the game by cranking up this beautiful well done soundtrack. I highly suggest it.

The sound effects in this game are also well done. They are somewhat generic, however they capture the mood. Although! The dog barking will drive anyone absolutely bonkers. I feel this designer was a cat person and wanted to punish dog lovers everywhere. You’ll see why, when you play.


The controls are simple, beginners to experts will get something out of this game. The greatest part of this game, is the compassion the designer put into this game. Just playing this game is enough to sell anyone, however, knowing the backstory is absolutely remarkable and makes this game even better. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but I highly suggest checking out this article and researching a little of it on your own.

I’ve seen quite a few huge farm builds over the past month(s), however I can say that I am not that advanced. Plus, I’m sharing my time between Stardew, The Division, Black Ops III, Starcraft II, Minecraft, Age of Empires III and Battlefield Hardline. So, it’s a little busy around here. I will say, that pretty much every one of those games stresses me out terribly, but 10 minutes in Stardew Valley, and I’ve transported to another universe. It is a stress-reliever. Therapists around the world should start prescribing Stardew to patients who are stressed out. I mean, look at some of these beautiful graphics (no need to critique my lacking farm).


It may be small… but it’s small.
Doesn’t this somewhat remind you of Animal Crossing? I still think it does.

In Closing

If it’s a rainy day and you just don’t want to go outside, or maybe you had a bad day at work and need to step away for a bit. I highly suggest Stardew Valley. We all know books, movies, music and games can take you away from reality once in awhile, Stardew doesn’t fail to do that. The music will place you in a mood similar to the first time you heard the music in Minecraft and the graphics will remind you of the good ol’ days of gaming. You won’t disappoint with this cheap purchase. Plus, you support the developer, a person that decided to follow his gut instincts, spent the time to create this whole world, and benefited from it. Hard work deserves to be recognized.

Well done Stardew Valley, you get a 10/10, and so far you’re one of the few games that deserve it.


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