(PC) Just Cause 3: “Why am I playing this?” “Oh you know… just cause”

What Could of Been

Originally I had planned on doing my review of Cities Skylines; unfortunately, I had browsed the discount sites last week and found Just Cause 3 for a ridiculously low price, and well… there went the last of the free time I had of break. Perhaps next week I can jot down a few notes on Cities; but until then, let’s stick with this one. Besides, I’m sure my city is doing well without me watching over it… I think.

Meanwhile in Rapids City…

Props to: GameGetaway

Back to Chaos

My first experience with the Just Cause series began with number two. The only reason I had gotten it was because it came free w/voucher with my previous computer that had the Nvidia 3D Vision setup (monitor, glasses, etc.). I must admit it was a pretty nifty game, I loved the claw and the random chaos. To me, it combined my love of the claw from 007 games and the free-roaming military third-person-shooters similar to Mercenaries (do you remember those games? Man those were great). Anyways, I was already aware of the fact that the JC games were more chaos oriented rather than storyline, it falls under the Dead Rising game category; sure I could save people and complete the storyline… or I could dress up my character, fabricate hilarious weapons and let the slaughter begin… I choose option number two.


As I mentioned, there’s hardly a storyline, and if you look at most of the complaints, that is pretty much number one (graphic/hardware issues aside). I think for me, when it comes to TPS (Third-Person-Shooters) that are free-roaming, I could care less about the storyline. In fact most shooters I could care less about the storyline, some exceptions include: Destiny, Halo and Wolfenstein. In the end, I like veering off-course, destroying some baddie hideouts and leveling up my gear/unlocks. I can honestly say that I have zero clue what the storyline of Just Cause 3 is about. The nice thing is they allow you to skip all of the movies and jump right into the action.

We could call it ‘easy’.

I think that would be a fair statement. If you’ve played other shooter games on the PC then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem in JC3. You might die here and there but with options like the claw, vehicle drops, fast travel and the wing-suit/parachute; you should find it easy returning to where you had recently passed away. Another lucky factor is that the mayhem you have caused, and the objects destroyed stay destroyed after death/respawn. Overall I could call JC3 an easy’sh game. However, there is one aspect that still challenges me.

‘V’ to Disconnect, ‘Space’ to Jump, ‘Ctrl’ to Let Go, etc…

My God the controls frustrate the Hell out of me. It’s not as though they are bad, they just seem to use the entire keyboard to play the game. I get that in some games that’s ideal. However, for a shooter I find it hard to need them all. Especially, since most of those buttons are for navigation purposes. Whether it is with your wing-suit, parachute, walking, running, jumping, etc. The default setup uses strange button combos. I know most of you might be saying to yourself that I could change them, and I certainly have. However, there are SO MANY COMMANDS that you eventually run out of space. Regardless, there might be a time in a high speed pursuit that you are trying to handbrake and accidentally parachute out of your car, or perhaps try to disconnect from the claw and end up pulling yourself into some uncomfortable situations. Be prepared… have C4.


I think this game had sponsors such as Sandals, Turks and Caicos, etc. Within 15 minutes of playing this game I immediately began checking rates for all-inclusive resorts around the world. The water in the game is probably number one overall in any game I have ever seen. It’s beyond realistic and I only wish that I had my 3D setup for this singular aspect. The world is massive, beautiful and almost unreal; especially considering there is a civil war going on at the time. Whether you’re wing-suiting through the vineyards, to swimming into enemy controller bases, you are lucky that you’re the spy that got stuck with this mission while Mr. Smith got stuck in Antarctica… sucker.

Overall Thoughts

I like this game. It’s a shallow game with a large world, capable of immense amounts of chaos. Sometimes, you just need a game where you can claw things, hijack things and cause mayhem all in the name of diplomatic pursuit. Sure you could play games like Grand Theft Auto and beat up a stereotypical prostitute or perhaps Call of Duty where you ‘frag’ newbs. But sometimes, you just need a vacation from those types of games.

Rent or Buy: This might be my cheapness talking, but I suggest you rent it. I don’t believe there is $60.00 worth of content in this game, if you are playing it on the PC like I am, then look around for deals or wait until another Steam sale.

Alternatives: I would check out Just Cause 2 they are nearly identical. If you are looking for something a little older then check out Mercenaries (no more multiplayer), Freedom Fighters (if you want a storyline) or any other GTA/Saints Row free-roamer out there.

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