(PC) Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball: Or RRDDD to some…


So to begin this post, I’d like to apologize for my absence this weekend; currently I am just finishing up my 2nd to last semester in college. Needless to say, the class project(s) situation kept mildly still for the first few years, then BAM! Here they are. But, regardless, there’s my apology, let’s get back to the game reviews! This week starts off with the kooky, crazy, funky, nutty, offbeat and any other synonym for silly, Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball; and soon to be known as RRDDD from this point on.

1st Glance

Do you like lasers? Yes? Me too. What about neon lights? Definitely same here. What about if we throw in robots, EDM and dodgeball? My point exactly. RRDDD is all of these things thrown in a happy little package. It’s a first person dodgeball game where you play as a robot in Rollerball mixed with TRON themed arenas. Oh, and techno/EDM is pumping at a constant rate. Essentially it’s similar’ish to Rocket League in a sense that you can play offline with BOTS or online against human players, oh and they have power ups. Overall it’s a fast paced FPS with various themes all shoved into one game, kind of like the Inception of video games.

Overall Reaction

Although I only have a couple hours invested in RRDDD (a couple more if you add in the DEMO (yup there’s a demo)), I feel as though that’s long enough to master the basics of the game. Now, I’m not saying this game is easy. The core mechanics are well done and really anyone can get the hang of them fairly quickly, and single player isn’t really that hard; but once you join the online battle it gets a little heated. Balls will be flying all around you (I’ll try to be somewhat professional, but there will be a lot of ball talk tonight).

Like I said though, the core mechanics are well done. The connection between keyboard and mouse is fluid and it’s certainly a fast-paced flashy type of game. Anyone that’s prone to get motion sickness or seizures should stay away from this game, especially this game.

A Dodgeball Match Where You Don’t Get Picked Last

And your gym teacher said those computer gaming skills wouldn’t amount to anything… look who’s ranking up on Steam and who’s stuck climbing the rope now Mr. Gym Instructor! RRDDD could be a fantastic E-Sport game, I can imagine watching it at 4AM on ESPN The Ocho while eating a bag of Cheetos and downing a Mountain Dew, it’s that type of game. There really isn’t a lot to describe about it honestly. There’s no story mode and the single player is eh at best, overall it’s meant to be played with others. The price is around $15 on Steam currently but since Steam has become the JC Penney’s of the game retail industry, you’ll probably catch it on sale soon’ish.

Final Thoughts

Remember those awesome (or at least we thought they were), Windows Media Player visuals that had all of those trippy graphics that were supposed to react with each song differently? Well zoom in (TRON-like) and place a robot within them, and only listen to EDM the entire time. That’s what this game is. It’s every nightclub scene featured in John WickMatrix and any other Keanu movie rolled into one… but instead of slow-mo bullets you have hyped-up balls. Interested? You should be, it’s strangely addicting and the soundtrack is pretty much awesome. So I say, strap on your headphones, crank up the music, down a Surge (they’re back now) and turn on that Halloween strobe you put away… there’s no reason to put it away anymore.

Rent or Buy? Well there’s a demo, so I say TRY instead. But, I had that same mentality when I first started; shortly after it became a buy. The music lured me in, the bass is fantastic and the graphics are so simple yet so well done.

Alternatives: Go watch TRON, then John Wick, then throw in some Rollerball; all of which while downing a Red Bull every time the bass drops in a Martin Garrix song. You pretty much just beat level 1 after that.

3 thoughts on “(PC) Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball: Or RRDDD to some…

    1. You absolutely should, I’d check out the Demo first, but honestly, as soon as you do that, you’ll be hooked. It’s sometimes overlooked by blockbusters during my free time; but it’s a good quick stress reliever.

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