(PS4) Destiny: The Taken King… “Thank goodness, because he’s been single far too long”

General Disclaimer

I am by no means a ‘Pro’ at Destiny, I have a level 40 Warlock, 35 Titan and a 25-7’ish Hunter. The level 40 Warlock is probably my favorite character, but that’s because he shoots lightning out of his hands like the dark side, so that’s a guarantee win in my book; plus his gear/light is nearing 300 and I really don’t like gathering Green/Blue gear anymore. But, I am not a pro, I couldn’t tell you half of the features in Destiny, I just play it. Same goes for KOTOR and WOW.

I’m the Partial Minority

I decided to write about this game because of two reasons:

  1. There is the new update coming out soon, so hopefully that will draw attention to this blog (yes I’m being follower whorish).
  2. I actually like Destiny quite a bit.

So besides number one, I actually do like Destiny. I understand there is a lack of storyline. But, honestly that’s okay once in awhile. Find me a ‘good’ storyline in Call of Duty, Battlefield or heck even one singular storyline in WOW? Some games can get by being a multiplayer experience, and I thoroughly believe Destiny is one of those games.

So What’s The Hangup?

I believe the reason that Destiny has been critiqued so heavily on the storyline is for one reason only… It’s made by Bungie. If you’re going to create an immersive sci-fi world, and you’ve already created the one featured in Halo, you have fairly high expectations to live up to. Honestly, did anyone truly believe the world would be as immersive as Halo was for us all? I understand that the new Halos’ have strayed away from what made them great (campaigns) and focused more so on multiplayer. But, the original 1 – 3 Halo games were almost impossible to live up to in regards to expectations. I think the same can be said for the Star Wars movies. 4,5 & 6 were REMARKABLE movies, they were ahead of their time and they still stand up today. Expecting to create that magic with 1, 2 & 3 would be almost impossible for Lucasfilms. We expect too much, the only way those movies would of been blockbusters, was if they were all produced in the past when 4, 5 & 6 were released. So, Destiny is a fantastic world, a neat locale and the beginning of a new universe. But, it’s a beginning, give it time, allow content to form and I have no doubt that Bungie will have us all sucked in, in no time.

So It’s a DLC, Expansion or New Game?

I honestly have no idea what The Taken King is. I purchased the original white PS4 when the first Destiny came out, then I had to purchase a new disk of The Taken King that included all DLC and the first Destiny. I’m not sure what was going through their heads there. It’s almost as if Bungie was thinking, “well the first Destiny kind of skimped on some stuff, so let’s add some good stuff that we had originally planned, but then we rushed launch, and now we’ll call it a new game, but it’s not really”. That’s exactly how that conversation went. I HATE rushed games, companies need to forget about the holidays for one minute and realize that it’s okay to delay games from time to time. Look at Bethesda and Valve, they do it all the time! Overall they call it an expansion, that requires and includes the first Destiny, but you can’t just buy the expansion by itself, so I guess it’s something?

Labeling Aside, It’s CO-OP!

I swear, I’m like Benny from The Lego Movie, just screaming Co-Op instead of Spaceship.1522188_753661734646941_1549713740_n.jpg

But, it is who I am. Most of my friends do not live in the same state as I do anymore. It’s the classic, graduate then move away; but, we’re all still very close and the PS4 / PC have been our lifeline to keep the gaming alive (even though I can’t screen-whore anymore). The PS Party Mode is a fantastic little section for Sony, it works well, with microphones it’s unbeatable and in Destiny with the Fireteam mode, it’s essentially a complete Co-Op MMOFPSRPG, which is awesome! The game works very well, but most Bungie games do come bug free, most. Running raids/dungeons is a blast, the storyline is overlooked, but it was neat from what I remember. The Taken King storyline was much better though overall. Simple things like running around the tower or doing Crucible matches worked fluidly and the experience works well for two players. I highly suggest long-distance friends should try this one out.

What Else Stands Out?

I’m glad you asked, myself. Well I like the controls, it’s a bitch switching over from Fallout 4 to Destiny though, damn that jump button. But it’s fluid, and it reminds me heavily of Halo. The gun mechanics are awesome and have a sense of Borderlands with the perk randomness which I enjoy. I love the grinding in the game, it wouldn’t be an RPG if it didn’t have that and resource gathering (get over it). Upgrading gear by use is enjoyable and the random events are fun. I especially enjoyed this year’s Halloween event, the masks were silly but at least they are involved.


Overall Destiny works well, the game play is fun and the grinding is addicting. But, there are a few things I would change.

  1. Flying to space after everything takes forever. Drop the load screens and make it faster, please.
  2. The ships do nothing, they should. Period.
  3. If they come out with another expansion pack (they will), then please allow players to upgrade their level 40 weapons so they are somewhat viable in the future. Grinding that level 20 gear then realizing it’s completely useless, sucked the big one.

I think those are the three main changes I would work on if I was Bungie, and I’m sure in some quantities they are addressing those complaints; especially since those are some fairly common ones.

Ending Thoughts

In the end I think Destiny is a fun game. It has the possibilities for more, but I also think it will become more in time. The Co-Op is well done and I’m kind of glad it doesn’t have split screen, the reason is the same why I didn’t like Borderlands Co-Op split-screen; there’s too much reading and it makes the font too small, even on a 55″ TV. As long as Bungie doesn’t abandon the project then I see good things in its future.

Rent or Buy?: Well this is a console game, however I have no idea how the renting would work since you use Digital Codes for your account. I have seen it in Red Boxes around town, but overall I’d be surprised how it worked. If it works well, then I suggest renting it. I believe this is an acquired taste kind of game.

Alternatives: Borderlands, Mad Max, Halo and that would probably be it for me.



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