Please Stop Old Yeller’ing My Favorite Series: Top 5 Games that Need Reboots

Kicking it Not-So-Old School

I’m pretty much a classic gamer, not so much SNES or Sega, as much as I used to be; but more so older 90’s PC games, and some consoles such as PS2 and Gamecube. Well over the years, game companies have decided to hit me right in the feels, and by feels I mean enjoyment levels. Then sadness when they decide to take away my enjoyments… those bastards. So this blog will have a little old with hopefully new, but most likely just a old… like me… sad panda. Anyways, here are 5 games that need to have reboots, and I remain hopeful, in denial… but mostly hopeful.


(PC) Age of Empires

For my first game I decided that Age of Empires needs a reboot. I’m scared for their future. I heard rumors Microsoft and Ensemble were looking at creating a new game, which probably means that there’s a new AOE in the works. However, I wonder what age it will be. I pray they don’t go to future or even modern civilization. The main reason I loved all of the AOE games was because of the historical aspects, whether they were spot on or a little skewed, they represented the time to the best of their ability, while still maintain excellent game mechanics throughout. I have logged countless hours during LANs, skirmishes etc. and loved everything about II & III. If a reboot is coming out, great; but, please oh please don’t make a Black Ops version out of this, I have Starcraft II for that.


(GC & PS2) Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance

Ugh. This game right here was the thief of time for my childhood. Whether it was the Gamecube or PS2 version, my friends and I spent hours venturing into the dungeons killing giant rats, memorizing special weapon locations and figuring out ways to steal every piece of loot from our co-op compadres, successfully I might add. Don’t get me wrong, I love Icewind Dale, Baldurs Gate and the other ‘true’ RPG versions for the PC; but this game did a great job making an addicting adventure, with a decent storyline as well. We need more watered down, top-view RPG games on consoles; couch-co-op games aren’t going to kill us.


(PS2) Downhill Domination

Usually I’m not a huge sports game fan, exceptions would be NHL, Coolboarders or the occasional car racing game (NFS not Nascar); but Downhill Domination was a WICKED GAME! First of all, my family dabbles in biking pretty heavily and it’s something I’ve always pretty much had an interest in (growing more so recently), and this game captured the adventure of going downhill fast and furiously. I mean come on, name the amount of mountain bike games that you know of, now name the ones that have actually done it right. This should be the only one on that list. It had sticks for weapons, homing water bottles and the essential NOS. Oh but the best part, the soundtrack. It had great tunes from the top of the mountain to the city below. I highly suggest finding a copy whenever you can, you will be amazed.


(PC) Freedom Fighters

Now I know they made this game for the PS2, but I never got around to playing it. Mostly because I was too busy playing this version. I loved this game. The micromanaging was perfect, the storyline was incredible, but the best thing about it… the controls. I had never played such a smooth running game, it’s as if your characters wanted to slay the enemy… and boy did they. The guns were excellent, the soundtrack didn’t stick out to me (but it’s been awhile) and overall this was during EA’s prime where they could do no wrong… I miss those days.


(PS2) Time Splitters

This was the first game that ever gave me motion sickness. I had played tons of FPS’s in my past, but none of them moved so fluidly and quickly, and boy did I feel it when I put down the controller. But, the game was hilarious, the characters were outrageous, and the guns were a blast (pun intended). It was our very own personal Quake for the consoles. Now I’m not sure why this series went away, I know there was some budget cuts, which happens. But as far as I know, Eidos was reacquired so I still have faith there could be a future for TS out there. I can only imagine wearing the Oculus Rift and throwing up everywhere. Now there’s a dream.

That’s My Five

As I was writing this I realized of so many more games that deserved 2nd, 3rd or hell, 4th chances. So here they are:

(PC) Battlefield Bad Company – Because sometimes you need to see the entire building collapse. FYI I play Bad Company II often on the PC so hopefully see you there.

(GC) Hunter the Reckoning – The Gamecube was my favorite version. My God, remember when Nintendo had games other than Nintendo games?

(PC) Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth – Once again this is back to EA’s heyday of successes.

And finally…


Seriously, 007 Agent Under Fire and Nightfire were fan fricken’tastic. The free flying claw and sniper rifle combination in AUF was awesome and the RC Helicopter and my personal favorite, Odd Job’s hat in NF were the coolest weapons in any game. Period. I know they tried a couple re-releases, and new ones. But just stop it. We don’t want 3rd person, we don’t need one based on a movie, and Daniel Craig (although cool) doesn’t need to do the voice acting.

There’s my rant, so what games do you think should be on here?



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