(PC) Hammerwatch: Because Tool Time was already taken.

The Stress is Real

Alright, this review will be a little shorter. I am approaching the end of the semester, and overall progress for my college career is approaching 100% competition (thank goodness). Needless to say, 3 x group presentations, 3 x term papers and multiple assignments due in a couple weeks is going to be a stressful experience. But, that’s life so I’m not complaining. I’m fortunate to be in college and I’ll never take that for granted. However, college is going to take away some of my free time; aka my blogging will be a little skimming for the next few weeks. I’ll try to keep it condensed instead of shallow though, and I’ll still post daily (no exceptions). Regardless, I love reviewing titles for you all and I hope each one provides a little piece of knowledge that guides you in your experience. With that being said game on.

The Price of Entertainment

As you can probably tell by now, I’m cheap. Every review pretty much mentions deals, prices etc. But, that’s because I was around when games were in the $5 bins at stores; when there were options like freeware, shareware and demos. Games were meant to be played on a budget. So, needless to say when I review games I think it’s important to look at the prices involved. Luckily with PC gaming there’s a wide variety of levels. Sure, consoles have various prices on indy, used, etc. titles but the majority of games are $59.99 per title, which to me is somewhat ridiculous; especially considering that pretty much all of them have DLC at an added cost, online fees associated with playing consoles online, and so on. I remember when I was first looking at World of Warcraft and thought that there was no way it was going to succeed. Charging a price to buy a CD-Key then having to charge online fees too… ridiculous. I was wrong, woops.

The Glory Days

Hammerwatch is a top down game where you control your character through various dungeons/locations. Think of it as Gauntlet, not the new 3D version but the actual arcade version mixed with puzzle elements and Diablo environments. Overall I get the vibe of God of Thunder or GOT which was one of my FAVORITE shareware titles for DOS. In fact if you are curious to play it, the link below has it available for free:


Warning: This is a DOS game, it was made in 1993, therefore I cannot guarantee that this will work. However, there are various emulators out there that can have this running on newer operating systems (or just operating systems in general, since even Windows 3.1 is considered newer when this game was made).

Anyways, Hammerwatch reminds me of GOT. I used to love GOT, it was a top view game where you control Thor and solve puzzles, shoot your hammer at baddies and control a God (awesome right?)

Once again… Co-Op

This game has fantastic Co-Op, once again it’s like Magicite where it’s quite easy to setup, and often works on the first try. Since there are multiple classes to choose from (paladin, wizard, ranger, thief, priest, and warlock) with different color options, it allows for multiple people to play at once. I believe it’s 4 players max at a time, similar to Gauntlet. However, as other reviewers have mentioned this game is meant to be played with others, it’s a group experience. Playing it alone can be boring, tedious and overall uninviting.

The Light in the Dungeon

Quite a bit of Hammerwatch stands out to me. The graphics are well done, classic retro nostalgia in every form; and they have newer game mechanics such as the control system which is spectacular (WSAD for movement and Up, Down, Left and Right for attack and spells, odd but it feels natural). This would be the perfect game for a newbie gaming couple. By this I mean an advanced gamer is in a new relationship and his/her partner is a noob to gaming in general. This would be a fantastic choice; in fact it’s one of the first games my girlfriend and I played on the PC and still continue to explore to this day.

Thanks Hammerwatch for keeping my relationship alive.

Another notable feature is the fact that the developers have added a whole new campaign for free, plus with the user created campaigns/storylines the possibilities are endless.

In the end, Hammerwatch is an affordable, retro game with modern controls that allows users to play together in a magical world where adventure peaks around every corner.


Rent or Buy? I would have to say BUY. Currently it’s on Steam for $2.49 which is pretty cheap if you ask me. Normally it’s $9.99 which is still pretty good overall.

Alternative: Check out the Gauntlet games, old to new, all have their little perks. I’m partial to the 3D arcade version which is basically the N64 version.


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