(PC) Stranded Deep: A Smaller Review


When I say smaller I don’t mean that the review is going to be shorter. I mean to explain that this game is remarkably SMALL, in fact it’s unbelievably small. I just re-downloaded this on Steam and it’s 788mb… that’s all. To put it into perspective, that’s just a little more than a CD… not a DVD, but a CD! Seriously, in an age where games can take upward of 30gb on your hard drive, less than a GB is impressive.

Another thing, it’s a 1st person survival game with pretty decent graphics and requires little to nothing to run them on Ultra. Since this game uses seeds (Minecraft) it follows along similar routes of No Man’s Sky where everything is a mathematical equation rather than actually saving all of the separate assets etc. Thus saving you space and taking a huge load off of your computer. Go Seeds!

We See You Oculus

Ok, so this isn’t made for the Oculus Rift, but it should be. Brief Spoiler Alert: The game starts off in a private jet where you are the fancy passenger. You are flying through turbulence and to calm your nerves you make yourself a cocktail (this is a clever way to introduce a simple tutorial), you make your way back to the seat then SNAP CRACKLE POP! The plane begins its decent into the ocean, a couple blackouts later the plane is submerging below the ocean and you need to escape to a life raft. Once you make it, you black out again, this time when you awake it’s daylight. Thus begins Stranded Deep. From there the seed takes control. Random islands are generated across the horizon and you have to get to them (Note: These are not large islands, in fact they are quite small). That entire experience would be fantastic with an Oculus Rift, in fact it could easily be a tech-demo, especially since it has low requirements and an immersive system. Now I just need an Oculus Rift to do some programming… hint hint.

I Love Me Some Crafting

The inventory system is pretty simple, you can hold a maximum of 8 things and also drag stuff around (think Half-Life). You can create little bases, fire pits, etc. with the supplies you gather around the various islands. Other then that, the crafting is pretty much what this game is about, it’s a survival game. You build, kill and live. The only difference is, in order to craft you actually drag the objects together in real time rather than a separate popup crafting menu. This takes some time to get used to, but it’s more realistic in the long run. Once again though, the Wiki will be your friend for recipes.

My Kryptonite 

Since I was a wee lad, I have always wanted to be an oceanographer just like Jacques Cousteau. Living under the ocean seemed like a perfect fit. Well this game did a fantastic job at capturing the feeling of the ocean. The graphics are well done, the ocean is alive with life and you get that sense of anxiety when you can’t see far in front of you, especially since there are sharks! But do not fret, the sharks used to be immortal’ish due to a bug; however, since that time the developers have been constantly updating it. Fixing the small glitches, making it more user friendly and overall just working on the experience rather than constantly adding new features *cough Ark cough.


Another small feature I like is that it’s somewhat realistic in certain regards. For example, when you enter the raft for the first time you actually equip the paddle and have to use the LMB to stroke your way across the ocean to the nearest island. That’s neat to me. No paddle, no move’o.

Not a lot to say…

Other than those things there’s not a lot to say about this game. Technically it’s fairly impressive and such a small package (that’s what she said). But, I feel it’s one of those experiences that you need to try out for yourself. It’s not overly expensive (around $12), there’s no multiplayer and eventually you might get bored of it. But, the first experience leaves quite an impression on you, and it’s one of those simple games that you can always go back to and it’s right where you left it. PLUS: There’s no D-Bags you have to deal with destroying your base while you’re offline.

Rent or Buy: I would have to say buy. If you enjoy survival, FPS, etc. types of games then I think you will enjoy it overall.

Alternatives: Without a doubt Subnautica, also one of my favorites, which has impressive underwater graphics.



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