(PC) Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike “Honestly, nothing needs to be added here.”


Alright, so I’m going to start this review off with a little pre-review rant. I’m a little perturbed at Toys”R”Us today. I’m doing a little personal rant/backstory… But, it’s not quite off-topic. First I was going to order Lego Dimension‘s for the PS4 since I am a HUGE Lego nerd,  and I thought it would add a little variety to the standard PC list of reviews I do. Well I was planning on visiting a local store that had it for $64.95 on their Black Friday sale. Well Friday came around and I had zero interest to partake in the events; I’m not a huge crowd person, and needless to say the store didn’t have the nicest clientele. So I browsed online and noticed Toys”R”Us had it through their Ebay store for the same price. So SCORE! I bought one with my PayPal account. Well I get an email today stating they are refunding my money because they didn’t have it in stock… yet they took the money not knowing they didn’t have it in stock… that bothers me. But, what really bothers me is that their website states that they have it in stock… What the Hell TrU? If I would have known I couldn’t of scored it for $65 then don’t say you have it available and take my money, and now everyone wants $100 for it… I’m all for Lego but not quite that much. Anyways there is my lovely Black Friday story. Now onto happier cartoon’y things!

If Blake Stone and System Shock Had a Baby

I was trying to think of two similar yet different games that could mate to create this offspring. However, I don’t even think the one listed above cuts it. Regardless, Rogue Shooter (I’m not typing out that whole name) is another perma-death system similar to Magicite (see previous review) in which the more experience you gain per run, the more perks and classes you unlock for future ones.

Normally I’m not a fan of these types of games, but this one knows how to do it right. Let it be known that I love enriching storylines, great soundtracks and relatable characters. But let it be warned that this game has no storyline, the soundtrack comes from Doom‘ish origins and every character has the tendency to die quite a bit. That’s okay though, it works well for this game.

This is what we know.

You are in a space base (in space). You choose what class you want to play as (you unlock more later) and then you choose a perk (think Fallout), from there you spawn in a lobby with a vending machine that allows you to buy ammo, weapons, armor etc. Once your spending concludes you enter a glass elevator to reach the 1st floor. The object of the game is slaughter all of the aliens on each floor and progress to the next floor. The levels get progressively harder as you move up in floors. Also, they have a looting system that some baddies will drop gear, tools, armor and weapons that you can equip as the challenge increases. Overall, it’s a simple concept.

What stands out?

The graphics for me. I am a graphics snob, but I have to think that I care for completeness more. With that being said, if the developers are going for corny/cheap yet they finish the product completely and efficiently then I won’t complain too much. This game has silly yet fantastic graphics. Think of it as a classic DOS game that you find on a floppy disk in an old desk. This is it. Or perhaps that shareware title you’ve always seen right between Jazz Jackrabbit and Raptor. But, it works for it. The randomness is well done and it’s a simple concept game that has a tad bit of depth in the right places. Also the controls work quite well. It uses the old school mentality where you don’t aim vertically (think Doom, Wolfenstein, etc.), this makes the game much faster paced and aggressive.

Not a lot to describe…

Honestly, this game is fairly simple. There’s no need for tutorials or run-throughs and it’s one of those games you can load up quickly and just start playing. One of the nice features is you can save it where you quit. So when you load back in you can continue your journey, this is a nice feature.

Think of it as a “gamer’s Bejeweled” it isn’t overly complicated, has a little reflexes thrown in there but mostly it’s a quickie that you throw in when you have 5-10 minutes between work, classes etc. Sometimes we need that in our lives, plus you still get to shoot aliens that look like they came from a Japanese children’s cartoon (not Anime, think of Japanese TeleTubbies).


Rent or Buy? Another great thing about this game… IT HAS A DEMO! If that doesn’t scream 90’s nostalgia nothing will. And the demo does a decent job at summing up the game. If you don’t like the demo then don’t pay $4.99 for the game (that’s the non-sale price also). If you do, then buy it, play it occasionally and reminiscence of a simpler time.

Alternatives: I would have to say any of the Doom titles, System Shock I & II, Blake Stone, Wolfenstein or if you are looking for something from this century then I would say BioShock, Fallout or Borderlands.


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