The Official Domain Of CR!

So this isn’t actually a game review post (don’t worry, I’ll still be doing Rogue Shooter a little bit later this evening), but I wanted to inform everyone that the new URL for Candid Reviews is:

I have an addiction to creating URL’s in such a way, as you can tell by my Digital Advertising Portfolio:

Regardless I’ll be posting on WordPress and reading/writing blogs as normal. But feel free to Bookmark the new site. See you all later this evening for my full’ish review on Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike.

– Zach

P.S. Sorry for the .GIF… I wanted to do something candied similar to my URL Image (get it, candid/candied), but I might of made it spin a little too fast. I swear I’m not trying to hypnotize you… unless it made you want candy, then yeah… my plan worked.

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid by a candy company… yet.

Update: It might take up to 48-Hours for the domain to be up and running, once it is I will update this update at that time.

Update: We’re all good now.

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