(PC) Magicite = Magic + Recite


Okay maybe that’s not exactly how they came up with the title. But, it should have been. First of all, it’s MAGICAL, it really is. The graphics are well done, it’s fairly simple yet has a deep crafting system that takes awhile to master (similar to Minecraft). Also the music is 8-Bit goodness, oh oh oh and the Co-Op is also well done. I usually play this game with friends about once a week and it’s our quick/easy go-to game. And second, RECITE. Or as the dictionary people say “repeat”. This is what you will do when you play Magicite for two reasons primarily:

  1. It has a permanent death system, I’ll get into that soon.
  2. It’s strangely addicting, and has a reward system.

Breakdown, Baby

Alright for the perma-death system. Essentially every time you start the game you create a character. You start off with one class but can unlock more later in the game (that’s #2 above). While setting up your character for the first time; you get to name them (or use the fantasy’ish one available), choose various accessories/minions, roll for 4 basic stats, and two special abilities. The stats are:

  • HP – Health / Hit Points
  • ATK – Melee Damage
  • DEX – Stamina / Bow Damage
  • MAG – Mana

Some of the special abilities can be:

  • Big Eater – Hunger Cap Is Doubled
  • Aggressive – +2 ATK / -1 DEF
  • Gatherer – 50% Chance To Collect Twice As Many Ingredients When Gathering.
  • Artisan – +10 Luck When Crafting Weapons Or Gear.

Piece of Advice: Don’t get attached to your character!

Perma-Fun You Mean

This game is a BLAST! But the characters you create are similar to the Red-Shirt employees in Star Trek, they play some roll in the series, but not for long. In the grand scheme of things your characters are simply pawns that unlock new classes, gear and accessories for future runs.

When you create your character and begin the game, you start off in the basic grassy dungeon, from then on the world is completely random by choice. At the end of each dungeon you have the choice between three doors. This will be your choice of the next dungeon, there is underwater worlds, snowy worlds, etc. All with unique creatures/baddies and all randomly generated. But, before you go to the next dungeon you go to a random generated town. It allows you to sell your stash, buy new things and craft various pieces of gear with the available smelt/tailor. Once you are finished with your wares you move on through the door and start the dungeon that you chose in the previous world. Rinse and repeat.

Notable Features

There are quite a few things that I like about Magicite but I figured I would narrow it down to three key features.

  1. It’s not a taxing game. In fact it only requires 512 MB of Memory, 450 MB of HD space and a 1.6Ghz Processor. Surprisingly with such small requirements it holds a HUGE package (dirty mind aside). The game is well designed and holds an abundance of randomness which allows new adventures, in such a small little package. Also, it’s easy to set up on a LAN; sometimes when you are attempting to create a LAN and nothing goes your way, it’s nice to load up Magicite and start the battle as a temporary stress reliever.
  2. The collecting aspect is nice. There are requirements to collect each race/accessory, they are noted on the selection screen. Each thing usually has a different ability meant to help or hurt you on your next run. That choice is yours. So, although your character doesn’t transfer over, your swag can and does.
  3. Finally the controls. I love them, they utilize a cross between keyboard and mouse which is nice for a side-scroller. They aren’t super advanced and they are fairly easy to jump right into. The double jump is a nice feature and the front/back spin with an axe is impressive.
  4. BONUS: I like the crafting system, I did have to load up the Magicite-Wiki online to get the crafting recipes but I also had to do that for Minecraft years ago, so those were nice memories. It will take some time to make recipes; usually I mess up with the order, it seemed fairly obvious afterwards but you might create the same thing over again by mistake. Luckily when you are patrolling the dungeons there are usually plenty of trees/rocks to gather along the way (usually).

Final Warning Before Entering The Dungeon

Although the game is relatively simple, it can cause stress. There are a lot of mechanics at work. The first would be that all dungeons are timed, if you take too long harvesting and killing things then a huge almost-invincible boss will chase you down. Second, you do have to eat, which means kill the animals, and keep an eye on the food bar (plus you #2 when you eat, with SOUND EFFECTS! Gross I know.); and third, the dungeons are random, sometimes you will get lousy setups and hard creatures to kill along the way that pretty much stacks the odds against you; but all I have to say is, strap up, punch some baddies and if you die then just recite.

Rent or Buy: Once again, this is a PC game, so you’ll have to buy it. Right now it’s on Steam for $2.49 per copy, or $7.49 for a 4-Pack to share. If none of your friends have it, then I say be generous and share it. Or if you’re cheap, then it’s $1.87 a piece and make the friend you care for the least pay the extra penny. Overall, buy it. It’s simple, cheap and a little addicting.

Alternatives: Since this is a rogue-like game I would have to say the 1st person shooter Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike. Just mentioning that made me realize that tomorrow expect the above mentioned game! See you then. Also, as always, share your thoughts, comments, opinions etc. Let’s start a conversation.



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