First the Legal Disclaimers.

This will be my introduction to this site. I feel I should have a couple disclaimers that go with this introduction, so let’s start with that:

  1. I am in by no means an “expert” when it comes to gaming, and I will not claim to be. I have played video games since I was a small child, and have owned more than any person should. But, I am not an expert; more of a “collector” of sorts, and even that term is going to be used lightly.
  2. I favor no device. I love my desktop PC, I love my PS4, I love the Wii U and I loved the Sega Dreamcast. I can usually find a fantastic title for each system, and that’s what I think is important. So, that being said; if you are PC Elitist, or a Console Junky; you are welcome here. But, the same rules apply to a multi-cultural buffet, please no preaching.
  3. I tend to get off track; a lot. I have long thought that I would be a fantastic college professor due to the fact that a single word will throw me off into a tangent for the entire class period. However, I am a driver and analytical, so figure that one out.
  4. When I say video gaming; I mean PC, Arcade, Console, Handheld, Mobile, etc. I mean gaming in general, just so you are aware. However, when I write the blogs I’ll be sure to write what version I am reviewing.
  5. I am an uncensored, critique’ful type of man. I have no problems stating my opinions and I hope no one is offended if I swear once in awhile. I will try to be ‘tasteful’ (if at all possible), but more than likely I might get heated about a game, but that’s why it’s called a blunt candid review.
  6. My final disclaimer. This blog is so I can write my true feelings about games. I can tell you right now, I am a non-traditional gamer. Most of the games that others love; I tend to find dull, incomplete or just plain tedious. This is my ‘opinion’ blog, I do not mean to offend anyone, I am just trying to play devils advocate from time to time.

That pretty much sums up my disclaimer about this blog. Throughout these various posts you will begin to understand who I am. I’ll share some life stories and I can guarantee that it will be in no particular order. That’s okay though, life is not about order (once again coming from an analytical… right?)

Regardless, if you like the blog; great. Feel free to keep reading, I’m not trying to get numbers here. If you don’t, let me know; I’m not planning on changing it, but I do value critique and I like others rationale. But as always, be respectful, intelligent and courteous to everyone.



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